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Let's Fill Ya Up!

We're constantly switching up our menu to keep things fresh & fun, so here are a few items you can guarantee we will always have or just go ahead and place your order!

The Dirty Bird

As our top-seller of 2023, you KNOW we will always have The Dirty Bird on our menu. This sandwich is our take on the Nashville Hot Fried Chicken Sandwich, that includes mayo, lettuce, and pickles on a toasted bun.

Smoky Porky Sliders

If you're looking for something a little less classic with A LOT of flavor, the Smoky Porky Sliders are for you. You get two of our saucy BBQ pulled pork sliders topped with mustard-vinaigrette slaw, Korean-style cucumbers, & bun.

Saucy Frys

This is a great appetizer or sharing dish and has everyone around you asking what you ordered. Our Saucy Frys are G Chili Peppa Steppa smothered fries topped with cheese, onion, cilantro, & cotija; plus you can add a protein to make it more of a meal!

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