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Brittney Iten showing arm muscle in front of saucy chops food truck

Meet Chef Britt

Brittney Iten is the founder and head chef of Saucy Chops and when we tell you she's sauce-some, it's the truth! Her top love language is "Acts of Service" and that's why she started cooking and wanted to share her sauce with the world. Learn more about her below!


We're known for making it happen here at Saucy Chops and we are SO DOWN to cater your wedding with our truck, trailer, or traditional style. If you have taste, let's chat!


saucy chops lip logo

Hosting a business event, holiday party, birthday, or other celebration? We'd love to make it even saucier! We can make a variety of different menu options to work for your event.


saucy chops hands in the shape of a heart

Whether you want an intimate dinner for two or food for a whole party, Saucy Chops can make it a meal to remember. Let's talk about how we can whip it up for you!


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Pick Your Poison

Work with Us

man eating a saucy chops dirty bird sandwich in front of the food truck
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